A Conversation

(An unedited conversation via text message, though we were in the same room…)

“I’ll tell you the moment I fell for the girl. Haven’t made a move because I don’t feel like I am good enough for her and even if she ends up with someone else I know fighting for her will make me a better person so that’s what I am going to continue to do…and now for the story.”

“lets hear it sir.”

“We were laying in bed and she was thanking me for everything I had done, said to her the past few days and being there for her. I was having feelings bilut was fighting it because I figured it was just one of those crushes you get from being friends with someone from the opposite sex. I was staring at the ceiling when she was saying all this but then I looked over at her and she was laying there right next to me, facing me and I don’t know if it was the way the moonlight was hitting her but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever looked at. Her eyes were closed and she had this smile and I realized I would do anything for this girl.”

“oh that’s adorable elric!”
“is this someone I do not know?”

“No, you know this girl and this next story should give it up.”


“I hit my buddy up a couple weeks ago to help me put out with a situation that came up. This girl got herself into some trouble though not any of it was her fault. I told her and she knew this already that I was never going to let her get hurt if I could do anything about it. She said she doesnt wish any of this potential harm upon anyone so I never told her what I did. My buddy that was going to help me asked me if I was doing this for a girl and just trying to show if I had courage or no fear. I told him it wasn’t that I had fear because I was scared beyond belief what would happen to me but it was my judgement that her well being and safety was far more important than my fear. As soon as I told him that he said to hit him up when I needed to purchase the ticket…..

He was buying my ticket to China.”

“oh man!”
“holy crap!”

“That entire last night there was ridiculously difficult because I just wanted to kiss her so I just pretty much watched her sleep.”


“I don’t think I can ever tell her I was pretty much on my way to China to switch places with her if she ended up in jail.”


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