I Am Proud of My Long List Of Things I’ve Failed At

There are many things I am bad at & I am glad I found out. Trying is what matters… For instance, went on a date last year for the first time in my life and I totally messed that up. Probably will the next few times too.

Trying to live out each year with less regrets than the previous means having to take more risks. Finding that courage in yourself to get up, speak out, reach for whatever it may be. It’s the first month of the new year and you need to know what it is that is important to you. What would matter to you at the end of this year, month, week, day? What if you die.

How do you know someone is manipulating? When they lack remorse or regret.
What is the opposite of Regret? Acceptance & learning.
Not having regrets is synonymous with being open to growing & learning, allowing the tweak of pain to influence you.
No regrets means experimenting & pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Be authentic & accept that regrets are an important part of life. The regrets that are hardest to bear are lost opportunities, the unfinished business of the things you failed to risk is harder to live with than your mistakes. Look back over the year and consider the positive things you failed to say to those you love. Look back ever farther.

Now change that. Your future has arrived, are you ready to go?

By Elric Posted in Life

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