Those Will Be The Best Memories (Part 2…)

1. An afternoon at China Dragon. A “new” employee mentions her daughter, Stephanie, was coming into the restaurant today. I was filling in as host that night as my brother had it off that day. This long blonde haired, blue-eyed beautiful girl came through the doors and came up to the counter with the biggest smile I had ever seen. I was struck speechless as she asked me if her mom was around…. I just pointed.  I sat her down and went to get her mom, without saying a word. Her mom asks “Why didn’t you say anything you silly goof?” I told her we were going to play this off as if I was a mute. She would come into the restaurant every day and for 2 weeks I would not say a word. Everybody was in on it. She was soon hired on as a waitress and I finally spoke, asking her to hang out. Not a day went by for the following 3 years where we were not together.

2. Sneaking into my first R-Rated movie. End of Days @ the old MetroLux Theatre.

3. Convincing everyone at Old Chicago that my dad was the dude that played Jerry Garcia in Half-Baked and then getting our tab paid for by the customers.

4. Concert hopping down in Denver when I was 20 with my roommates/friends/co-workers/band-mates.

5. Getting bottle service for the first time after turning 21 at Purple Martini and having my first dance with some girl at the bar.

6. Being attacked by a rottweiler in the middle of a blizzard during recess in the 3rd grade.


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