Just Do The Damn Thing

Dear Elric,

Dude, Elric, it’s just a blog.  Write whatever the hell you want, whenever you want.  You don’t have to be so precious about it ALL of the time.  Just write something, it doesn’t matter if it sucks.  Put it up anyway – it’s YOUR blog – for FUN, remember? Sometimes, sure, why not, spend a day (IF you ever have a whole day of time to yourself again…!) working on a long involved post full of a variety of related themes or researched information.  But it doesn’t have to be like that every time! 

I know that at this point you have a whole ridiculously long list of ostensibly awesome ideas to write about that you feel you couldn’t  possibly do justice in a short post, but I’m sure you probably also have plenty of other half-baked ideas that you could jot down a few notes about and call them a post.  Throw a random question, an idea, an undeveloped thought up there – it doesn’t have to be fully digested and worked through.  You don’t have to be FAIR.  You don’t have to go and try and find as many sides of an issue as possible and you don’t have to tie it to a bigger and bigger theme.  It can just be tidbit, a nugget, a kernel.  Write a paragraph and press the publish button – it doesn’t have to MEAN anything.   You could even JUST pose a question and not even try to answer it at all.  This is a free format and there are no mistakes.  It is not permanent, it is not printed, it is JUST a blog.  THAT was the point when you started – to have a place to play with ideas and to just write and not worry about the outcome.  So when did you forget?  Seriously chill out.  It’s better to post and have it not be incredible, than never post at all.  It’s a BLOG – decent sometimes is good enough.  Go for decent and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.  Just go for something.  Just write. Stop thinking about it and just do it.



P.S.  Don’t you DARE “edit” this stupid letter to yourself. That’s not the point!


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