Thank You

You know what I find mind-blowingly amazing? You guys. Yeah, I’m serious. It blows my mind that you all like my blog and my crazy-ass ramblings.

I haven’t gotten much writing done as of late, at least getting them into electronic form, with a very busy work schedule taking up most of my time. But I’m still spending any free time I got working on things. I’ve just been so incredibly tired, and no, I’m not hungover. I’m just exhausted. I may have been bitten by a tsetse fly and developed sleeping sickness but I don’t think there are tsetse flies in Colorado, which doesn’t mean there aren’t.

When I am feeling any kind of illness, I like to think that someone is experiencing that exact same thing at the exact same moment…like we’re connected. Remember in E.T., when E.T. got drunk and then Elliott felt the same side effects. Hilarious. But then when E.T. got sick and then the Elliott got sick too, that wasn’t as funny. So it’s like that. But not.

As I was saying this in my mind as I typed, it did not make any sense to me like my sentence structures were all off but that happens. I did that at work all day today, like what did I just say? Anyways. I’ll be back into full swing again with the blogs soon enough. Also am going to do something with my screenwriting that I have never done before in the past which involves my readers. So yay on that.

According to stats: My Top Blogs To Date Are…

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