Age Is Just A Number

Older people seem to think that younger people just ‘don’t know’, and I disagree. Older people can learn from the following generation. A generation that is born in new circumstances, with new ideas, new methods of practice, a clear path of their, and everyone else’s, future. All I can say to peers and those younger than myself is beware. Beware of poisoned knowledge by the pseudo-wise. Just because they are older does not make them right.

Age, ironically learned with the progression in life, is just a number. What we do with that number is up to us. Whether it beckon us to forget the fun in playing in dirt, to conform to mature and accepted ways and/ or follow the methods of our forefathers, as the number is rising it throws an invisible, creeping responsibility over us. To grow up. Believe it or not, intelligence and maturity are not the same thing. Happiness and success is not the same thing. A number will only define us if we allow it to do that. As children we have clear (sometimes selfish) view of what our own personal values are. Children, like adults, at the end of the day just want to be loved. Children like knowing that someone is there, that they are safe, secure and found. And the kicker in all of this is that adults seem to forget this… with age. Success, money and trophies drape themselves over the need to love, care and spread joy. Adults could learn from children.

So this is what I learned, I don’t need to listen to the wise words of someone who tells me that they are older, that they know better because they are older. I’m not ignorant. I will always hear what someone’s opinion is, it just gets to me when someone thinks I don’t know what I’m doing when I do. When they don’t tell me because they care, but they just want to knock my convictions down.


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