The Glove

It was just an old work glove.  Made of old leather with signs of wear.  Spots worn thin to the point of holes.  It sat in a garage surrounded by useful tools.  Some shiny.  Some big and powerful looking.  Tools that performed big tasks and accomplished great things.  And sometimes the glove found itself feeling flat and less than in comparison.

But each day, the owner of the glove and the tools would come out to his garage and determine what needed to be done that day.  Would it be building?  Repairing?  Sprucing up? And regardless of the task or what tools he would choose that day, he would grab that ratty old glove lying flat and lifeless on its own, from the shelf.  As he would place his fingers inside the glove and move them around, the most mysterious thing would happen.  Suddenly that worn, inanimate glove would come to life!  As it enveloped its owner’s hand, it began to take shape and to function!

Sometimes the owner would talk out loud about what their next task would be.  And the glove would forget that it was only a piece of old leather.  The excitement of being used by the owner in projects both big and small took away all thoughts of uselessness and self pity.

Other times, the owner did not disclose the next project, but continued to wear the glove for the menial “must do’s” of life.  And the glove would wonder if its presence was necessary or not.  But then, out of the blue, the owner would immerse himself in another grand endeavor and the glove was ready and in place to once again be a part of the process.

At day’s end, the owner would carefully put the glove back on the shelf.  Not leaving it, but giving it a rest for the next day of shared work and purpose. And the glove would rest, knowing that though on it’s own it wasn’t much to look at and could never lift a finger or accomplish anything on its own, that it was of great value to the one who owned it and would choose to work with it each day in various ways.  Truly gLoved…

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