And I Think To Myself…What A Beautiful World

I think today I saw the most beautiful thing in the world…..

There was a girl in her early teens sitting with what looked like an old secluded aunt who kept to a strict routine. The young girl had a very ordinary haircut, a very un-provocative dress and socks that started at her knees but preferred to sag down. Apart from this girl, everyone was at least 40-50 years older than me. It didn’t really bother me. There was that distinct ‘old people smell’, like a subtle combination of dust and generic brand soap.

Because I was so young I was a novelty to the old people. A man wheeled his incapable wife over to my seat and they introduced themselves. They asked me about myself, they were smiling uncontrollably. As if they didn’t really talk to people much anymore. It felt like this was their time to socialize more than anything else.  It may be sad to think that this is all they have

But it was this specific couple that I could not help but be fixated on. As the day prolonged, I would turn my head to the right to look at them together….

I think today I saw the most beautiful thing in the world….. Nothing really happened. It was no big event. I saw an old couple in love. They sat together, past many ordeals in their lives, living with hurt and loss. There they were. Sitting beside each other, holding hands. The old lady would occasionally cough and her husband would break away from his prayer and wrap his rattling fingers around her hand.

I just think they are so lucky. So blessed to find each other. Given the privilege to spend so many years expressing their love and understanding one another. 

By Elric Posted in Life

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