A Ship is Safe in Harbour, But That’s Not What Ships Are For

You need to be prepared to be knocked around by the wind and waves. You have to get up when you’re knocked down, again and again. You won’t know how far you’ve come until you reach the next dock, because when you’re in the middle of the sea, there is nothing but all of the water that could swallow you at any given moment. We just need to take that chance with all the courage and passion that we have.

What great thing has ever been achieved without risk, or fear? What great feat has ever been overcome without courage? So now I find myself in a place where I left all my former demons behind. My apathy, my fear of changes and worst of all, my crippling self doubt. I don’t believe we can ever completely defeat these demons because they will always find new ways to attack our hopes and dreams.

“courage is doing what you’re afraid of. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”

By Elric Posted in Life

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