Power Hour, għaxar parti

Listening to Pandora in the shop; 12:12PM-1:12PM

“Fell On Black Days”…. I wonder if companies exaggerate on their delivery dates to make themselves look good. I’ve had numerous instances recently that have beaten their stated delivery dates and/or even the range they’ve given me. Like for example, I ordered a new credit card and they told me 2-3 weeks…I received it two days later. I ordered something that was being delivered from China and my invoice said 13-20 days (which is an odd range) and I got it in seven.

“Bad Headache” (?)….It’s even been happening at work with parts I’m ordering from vendors. Delivered a 2nd shipment of panels for the Point Beach Nuclear Plant project I’m currently working on for Wood Group GTS, the company I was laid off from back in April. If you’re curious, Point Beach is in Wisconsin. (This is an Offspring song I have never heard of but I thought I was hearing this word often so I’m going with that until I find out the truth)

Hemorrhage (In My Hands) …. My old boss from there came into the shop today so I could make up some ControlNet cables for the Paddy’s Run project I completed two weeks ago for them. We talked about the horrible showing that the Broncos put on display yesterday on their home field against the Oakland Raiders losing 59-14. Sadly, that was the second worst beating they had suffered in team history.

“Dream On” …. Today, on the Alice Morning Talk Show, they played a sound-byte of Steven Tyler “singing” the National Anthem in Boston and it just sounded like he was screaming. Granted his screaming sounds a lot better than most people’s singing. I’m actually thinking I may watch this upcoming season of American Idol for the first time since the inaugural season, which I didn’t watch too much of, just to see Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez (or J.Lo if you’re into the whole calling people by their nickname thing)

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” …. put their talent/experience to use on the judging panel.

“Gimme Shelter” …. I just got stumped on a movie question! It was relating to this song and though I got it on the second clue I expect better from myself lol. The answer was The Departed. We have a game, amongst many other games we play during the work day, where we guess the movie that a song which is currently playing came from.

“Sweet Dreams” …. Another game is “Name The Artist/Band”. I never had screwed this up in the past 5 years when printing out labels which we used to identify wires with and now I seem to do it at least once per job. Just did it now.

“Roadhouse Blues” …. Back when I was living in the cave, this horror happened during our first month there. One of  the roommates brought his co-worker and his wife over to check out the place. Everybody there that day recalls this and is brough up whenever we hear a song from or they are just being discussed.

“Christmas Song (Live)” …. The co-worker’s wife grabbed a framed poster of Led Zeppelin that was leaning up against the railing in the dining room and says “This is the worse 80s band ever.” … She quickly realized she was in the totally wrong place to say such a thing as everyone had the “you did not just say that” expression on their face. She, along with her embarrassed husband, walked out of the house a different way to avoid being seen….We started blasting Led Zeppelin as well while their tour went on. Never saw them again.

“Revolution (Live)” (?) …. Never heard this song before and I’m not familiar with the band but I’m definitely looking into them once I get home tonight. This song just makes is sound like going to their concert would be one really good time. I don’t know what the name of this song is but I know it’s live and I could make out hearing what I am interpreting them saying as “Revolution”. One day I will hear this song again and I will find the name and I will download it or just buy the entire album.


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