Sex Party!

It’s not what you think but a pretty sweet idea that is bound to start happening all over the world. A recent article in the Associated Press was about the writer and his wife and how they came to find out the sex of their baby.

What you do is when you go in for the 20-week checkup, roughly the time when you find out the sex of your child, you look away and have the ultrasound technician print out a picture of the baby and then write down the sex of the baby on the back. Then have it sealed up in an envelope. Before your anxiousness gets the best of you, give it to a friend or you can do it yourself if you can handle the temptation. The friend takes it the baker and has him/her bake the cake with either blue batter for a boy or pink batter for a girl.

Then you throw a party inviting whomever you want and you can make a game out of it if you desire with people guessing the sex of the child and giving out a prize to a lucky winner. It’s already a concept working its way around the U.S…… Why get the news in a hospital room when you can find out at home surrounded by the people you love?

Copyright: Ryden-Raver LLC


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