Sometimes You Just Have To Start From Scratch

Monday of last week was my first day back to work after two weeks off. I started on a project for ESC Engineering building a cabinet for Orica up in Alaska to be used for their pre-treatment system. So I got the set of drawings which was about 60-70 fewer pages than I was accustomed to. First project I’ve worked on that wasn’t for Wood Group GTS since early July and their schematics alone are usually around 60 pages.

Anyways, these drawings for the layout was not drawn out very well and was obvious that this was half-assed using their past two projects for the same site as their template. The Bill of Materials (BOM) didn’t match what the layout showed for the most part and looking through the schematics, I was going to have to figure out what they were going for.

Already being condensed down to a panel 20″ smaller than the previous two jobs for them (they were built before my arrival to the company) I had to redesign the whole layout after finding the panel, though the correct panel, was smaller than what the layout was designed on. Then had to redesign where everything went along with their quantities and what parts they actually wanted…. So pretty much, they gave me a design of what they wanted and I changed it to what they actually wanted.

Today was the shipping  date for the project, when the company was expecting it to be in their shop. But since the place where it’s going doesn’t have a shop of its own and is strictly just engineering, they came in this afternoon to do their testing….When they looked into the cabinet they were like “That’s not what I designed” so I just responded “You’re welcome.” He didn’t take that very well and started getting cocky talking about his experience and they’ve already done this twice before. The guy even had a picture of his Dodge Viper, which was out in the parking lot, as the background on the laptop. So I just told him that he should be pretty use to having mistakes/issues.

They started doing their testing and was obviously trying to find something wrong with the design that I built for them pretty much following each and every step, no matter how unneccesary…..I sat nearby as I worked on my personal work logs to be there if any issue were to come up and needing my fixing. They would start to get a little excited it seemed when they’d come to a point where they thought I had a made a mistake and then would become silent when they realized what I did was actually the correct way…… In the end, they failed horribly and ended up redlining all of their drawings they brought down to match what I did. Yeah that felt pretty good and felt like gloating about it.

By Elric Posted in Work

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