My Life Changed on Valentine’s Day

I never want there to be an opportunity for me to miss my child’s first step, first word or their childhood. I want to be with my family constantly and with my friends whenever I want to and not worry about LIFE getting in the way. This is my dream. A dream I hope is common amongst every one of us. I’ve had this feeling going into 2010 knowing this year is going to be legendary. I say it everyday and it’s proven to be true day-in & day-out. Then something came into my life on Valentine’s Day. Something that made me believe, unlike anything in my life before, that I could achieve my dream.

I do not want to grow old and be a part of the majority that say “I could have….” or “I had the chance….” More often than not I hear people talking about their goals and dreams but don’t do anything about it or are too afraid to take the opportunity, the risk to achieve it. I don’t know what those reasons could possibly be, they differ between each person, but I wholeheartedly believe in the quote

“There are hundreds of excuses for failure, but never a good reason.”

But I give thanks to those people for they are why I jumped on board without hesitance and am loving it more and more each day.

Back in December I had lost my cell phone during one helluva night in Denver where I ended up on the opposite side of town from whom I had rode down with and my truck was somewhere else. We were both with friends, just got separated and had problems with dead or lost cell phones…. Anyways,  my new cell phone arrived and I went up to the Verizon kiosk at the Fort Collins Mall during my lunch break and struck up a conversation with a VERY energetic guy about Dubai. He was stand-offish about what it was he did for a living and we exchanged numbers to talk at a later time. A couple of months went by where our schedules would conflict until one Tuesday night in February. I was doing my Tuesday Night Pool League at Match-Ups in Fort Collins and we met up at Old Chicago after my tourney was over. We caught up a bit on what had been going on the last couple months like we had been friends forever and I got to know a little bit about a couple of his friends that came along, all with a super-excited attitude. At the end of the night they told me to come see what they do that upcoming Sunday……

Valentine’s Day. I’m single, everybody is doing their couples thing and I had told myself all year that I’m going to do more random things, do things I don’t normally do. So I went out to Holiday Inn Express in Loveland, not knowing what to expect, and quickly met a lot of very nice people who just seemed to really be loving life, our Lord & whatever it was they did. Soon enough, while hearing various stories from these amazing individuals and seeing the presentation I was instantly hooked. Everything I ever wanted was right there for me to take and the presence of Don Morton and how great of a speaker he is did not hurt either. I joined up instantly and went right into my first training. Now, not only am I a business owner and quickly moving towards having financial freedom and doing what I want when I want. I work alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet……and it keeps getting better and better.


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