One More Minute

Not everyone has everything they want but most of us have what we need. Take a look at your life and take a moment to realize, to evaluate the beauty of it. We don’t understand how much we should appreciate what we have until it’s gone. When it’s gone, it’s too late and it can’t be the same. Do not wait for something to happen to make you realize how lucky you really are.  If your friend died tomorrow, would you of wish you had appreciated them more?…. Really think about that.

We all do not think we’re lucky, but the truth is we just have realized it. Sometimes, those things we want the most is not what we need at all. Life is the most fragile thing we have in this world and getting caught up in what we are doing is the easiest thing to do. We often do not take the time to truly enjoy and appreciate the relationships we have right now. We lean on the idea that they will be there tomorrow, the day after or whenever we are in need. Tomorrow is never a guarantee. I am in no way saying we do not appreciate what we have but not to the extent that we should. The most common things heard in loss is “wishing I had spent more time getting to know…” “listening to…”, anything along those lines.

Sit back for a minute and take that moment to truly appreciate who you are, where you are and who is there with you.


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