Working on Holidays – 7/4 Edition

Went into work for the 4th of July for the fourth year in a row. Last year was pretty cool because I could see the fireworks from the surrounding towns on top my company’s building, there’s no obstruction whatsoever. No longer with that company and I work on the complete opposite side of town now so I’m only counting on being able to see Loveland’s firework show…which is pretty weak.

I’m use to being the only one putting in these ridiculous long hours throughout the regular work week and into the weekends. But with the new company I am no longer the lone ranger. Though his wife wouldn’t let him come in today with it being a holiday and I don’t have that kind of person to stop from doing so. But he’s coming in on a company off day tomorrow…I’ll contemplate it once I wake up in the morning.

The last time I actually celebrated the 4th with friends or family, I was living at the cave…and ended up moving out at the end of the month. I’ve let it go but thinking about that night irritates me. That was the second consecutive year of horrible experiences.

Been working the 4th ever since and it’s been nice not having to deal with ridiculous drama and uncontrolled inviting. Haven’t even been asked since then what I’m going to be doing for the fireworks.

Very grateful and blessed for everybody in the armed forces who have fought for our independence and protection of our freedoms, past and present. I can’t wait to hear the town cheering and celebrating throughout the night!

By Elric Posted in Life

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