And I’ll Be Better When I’m Older…

I woke up this morning around 8, 830 wanting to write but nothing came to mind. So I started up iTunes on the laptop next to my bed and started surfing the net on this netbook here looking for inspiration. I recalled one of the things I got in the mail yesterday was the soundtrack score for Great Expectations. The only song I could recall from the film is titled “Kissing in The Rain’ so I selected the album and started playing it….about 20 seconds into it I decided instead to put in the movie and hear the soundtrack that way. Well I watched that movie and nothing came to be other than I watched a good movie.

So I still laid there in bed wanting to type but nothing was clicking up there.  I have a few drafts of blogs I need to proofread over but just not feeling it today. Started up iTunes again but let it randomly go through the playlist of favorite songs I created. First song was ‘Liberate’ by Disturbed followed by ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain….and if you know the song then you know that’s where I got the title to this blog from. Couldn’t think of anything to write about so how could I come up with a title?

Tangent: I’m downloading Hot Tub Time Machine off of the Playstation Store (I haven’t done this before) and it has been downloading for almost the past hour, it’s at 47%…..and ‘Awesome God’ is the song playing right now.

Tangent: oo I just got a text message from someone I actually want to talk to 🙂 … I decide to take the saturday off and I get messages from everybody who decided to go into the shop today asking about work and what I want for breakfast. I guess they thought I was there or coming in.

This turned into more of one of my Stardate blogs but I’m going to keep with it. Well this blog didn’t go anywhere….


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