I Say A Little Prayer For You…

Search your heart and then listen to God’s response. Is God just our back up plan? Our genie in a bottle?

I don’t like cats but here is an analogy I like to use:
Are you the type of cat that loves to spend time with its owner? To do nothing less than spend hours on end curled up on his lap being petted rather than around other cats…. Or are you the type of cat who comes up to its owner when you’re hungry or in need of something?
Do you enjoy the gift God has given you? Or do you only come to Him when you need Him or when it is convenient for you?

Yesterday I sat there for 3 hours privately and in silence seeking help. I was having to make a decision and I needed guidance with everything else I had been feeling as of late. When in prayer have you ever noticed your mind start to wander? I believe it’s just you sharing, in essence, the situation with Him. The hard part is staying on topic and then spending the time listening for a response. He is concerned for our well-being before we even ask for it and what He does is for our good.

I have often made the mistake of praying just to be heard by others or trying to “make deals” with Him, an I’ll do this for you if you do this for me act. More concerned on getting my prayer out in the “open” with knowing that God hears everything. But how can I clearly understand what He is trying to tell me if I don’t spend the time to listen. The fog of life can deafen his words and that’s why it is important to be in private prayer at times. Much more important than praying in a group, though group prayer should not be neglected.

I was blessed to hear Him and it took having to recall the events that occurred prior to asking for His assistance while making the time to listen to know what He wanted me to do.


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