You Wanted More

It’s an amazing thing when you take the time to just stop and witness everything that is happening around you. The widespread differences in the interactions between various people, families & friends in the same setting as you. Seeing the actions of the creatures of the world around you like watching a family of blue birds feeding one of their young as he/she struggles to learn how to get off the ground and fly away. Pay attention enough and you may get a clearer picture of something that is eating at you, holding you back or realizing you are going at it the wrong way…..

Curiosity is one of those things you must have in order of knowing what you want in life. Look at a toddler, everything is new to him/her in this world and their curiosity is at its high grabbing everything in sight having to play with it up until their parents take it away. There is no discomfort with them in trying new things which is something we seem to lose as we grow older.

Wanting is a part of our life and without it we would be living a life that is bland and lacking. But especially, not only though, amongst us young adults we are self-absorbed and can over do it. Boorish and obnoxious is not what achieving your want should end up in, you should be satisfied with having what you been chasing.

Do you know what you want? Are you truly pursuing it? There’s a difference between saying you want something and wanting something. When you tell yourself or others what you want what are you doing about it? Are you online doing research, on the phone making calls to get you there, getting out there amongst people with the same goals? Or are you sitting on the couch playing Farmville, not going outside and doing something productive, staying in your pajamas all day waiting for it to come to you?

Even if someone’s wants are different from yours just look at their devotion to it. Maybe its missing within you and if you desire something enough learn how they go about it and learn from it. If something that is not in your nature is holding you back from getting where you want to be, surround yourself with someone who is doing well in achieving theirs. Growth requires being uncomfortable, making mistake after mistake after mistake, failing.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, field a grounder, drain a 3 pointer you must learn to grow up and cope with the wrong finger alignment, not dropping low enough to field the ball properly, your accuracy being low. The fear of making more mistakes and looking back at past mistakes hinders us and keeps us in that safety net of not wanting anything. You have to make choices otherwise you just bury your wants. It requires mistakes, awkwardness and possible failures to get to where you see yourself. So stop hiding under you bed sheets, behind those relationship books, dead-end jobs and experiment with your wants no matter how big they are. Risk finding out what happens and see how much further as a person you will become.

By Elric Posted in Life

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