Have I Got A Long Way To Run?

We’ve all been told or read it somewhere that running is healthy for you. It keeps your metabolism and energy high, helps you in improving your looks and your confidence…and whatever else of the many reasons we’ve all heard. An advice I have, RUN THROUGH LIFE.

We were given this opportunity, this place in time to live, to work and to play. We are given chances to learn, to grow and to endure yet we have all thrown in the towel or found some reason to give up and say “It wasn’t me.” (“She even caught me on camera.. It wasn’t me..” yeah, that song just popped in my head. Now that’s some old high school music right there).. That old adage comes in where “If you go out and look for something, chances are you’re going to find it” … Look for the positive, because if you go looking for the negative that is all you are going to get.

Learn as much as you can! Being educated doesn’t mean being smarter than the person next you, it’s about better understanding them. Their culture, their orientation, their being. it’s about finding cures, giving insight, opening the mind and the world that you never thought you would see… that you didn’t know was even there. Ask questions and keep on asking them, not the same question because that just gets annoying. But most importantly, don’t forget to LISTEN! Don’t even forget to make sure you listen to yourself, your heart. Even the smallest of thoughts can be made into something special, something extraordinary.

Other than being with the one you love to comfort/be comforted, to protect/be protected and to grow stronger in your personal relationship and with God, is there such a wonderful feeling as being around people you can talk to? Being surrounded by people who understand you, who get you. Having this is very important and once you have them, isn’t it a wonderful & beautiful thing!? Having people who have been through similar situations to your very own so you can be understood and then being able to give yourself (your understanding, knowledge & experience) to someone else in need of it. It just makes you smile don’t it?

We need to keep it going throughout our lives to keep us unsheltered from the world, to keep us sane. I encourage you to check who those people are that you have surrounded yourself currently with. Are they good for you, are you benefiting from it or is it hurting you and actually bringing you down, holding you back? If it’s the latter, GET OUT! RUN! There’s a better way out there and better people, but never forget them… Those friendships that are good for in your life you have to not take for granted. Work equally as hard at them as you do anything else in your life. Enjoy them and make sure that your friends know how much you appreciate them and that you are there for them… Make more friends! This world is HUGE! Are you getting to know other people in turn opening yourself up for good opportunities to learn? This is when people will begin to invest in your life and where you begin to invest in others. Keep yourself open and go out into the world, I don’t mean you have to leave the state or country but a lot of us don’t even know our own backyard… I’d like to encourage you to do everything I’ve mentioned because you are growing yourself and it will keep things interesting…. Enjoy the wonder of conversation, of friendship, of people.

With my above mention of saying  ‘RUN THROUGH LIFE’, there are three speeds that we can take to experience our personal journey: Walk, Run or Sprint. This is all opinion mind you and how I feel not necessarily telling you to do this with your life but just giving you my opinion. Why WALK through life?! There are way too much in this world to experience, to learn that how could you possibly reach your full potential by walking. Don’t SPRINT through life because you should enjoy it. RUN THROUGH LIFE, it’s healthy.

By Elric Posted in Life

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