Damn, Now I Got To Get Out of Bed!

So I’ve been watching (500) Days of Summer over the span of the last 3 days and thought I was going to be able to finish the film tonight and fall asleep. But once I started it up again it ended up being the last 2 minutes of the film when he asks the girl out for a cup of coffee.

Two things came to mind. “That’s all I had left to watch!” (I was watching some of it before the events of today’s evening) & “Damn. Now I have to get out of bed.”

I always have something playing even if I’m not really paying attention to it. I raided my brother’s DVD collection and grabbed a handful of movies that I wouldn’t normally watch. I intended to stick in Jennifer’s Body but ended up sticking in Twilight. Don’t question me because I don’t have answers. I do think Kristen Stewart is attractive. I liked her in Panic Room & Adventureland. But she came off a little annoying in this movie when I saw it the first and only other time when I was asked by a female friend to go watch it in theaters with her…… Also happened to be the last time we hung out alone together.


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