Imagine This…. I’m On A Horse

Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. You walk alongside the character on their journey, learning what they learn. Their accomplishments, failures, struggles, friendships and so on and so forth. Then all of a sudden you have reached the point where you feel like you know the character as close as you do with any of your friends. You reach that last sentence and you feel like you’re saying “until next time” or “goodbye” to a friend.

I’ve always had an appreciation for books but my love has grown exponentially in roughly the past 6 months. Outside of 11th Grade English, when we read ‘The Great Gatsby’, I don’t remember coming anywhere close to completing a novel until about 3 years ago when I picked up Neil Gaiman’s ‘Anansi Boys’ in DIA before heading to Cabo San Lucas for vacation. Read the book in the early mornings and I finished faster than any other book I had read. Loved it and picked up a few other Neil Gaiman novels upon returning home, still haven’t gotten around to reading them.

Now I’m reading books about on an average of 1 per week. The books I’ve been reading though are ones that I’ve never heard of, including the author, or classic novels that you don’t hear too much about anymore since they are so embedded in our history that it isn’t needed. What we now hear are outcries about Twilight or Harry Potter. With both of those series coming to an end, the wait for the next “You have to read this!” is waiting to pop its head out.

Hello, my name is Elric Holderfield and I have never read a Harry Potter novel. I probably never will either. Yes,  I have seen the films and they have not wanted me to rush out to Barnes & Noble and lay in bed all night to complete them. When you get that feeling like every time you turn a corner there is going to be someone discussing a scene in the latest book it just turns me off. Constant bombardment of material doesn’t do anything for me and I end up just feeling like I know everything that happens already. It’s like second-hand smoke, you get it because you’re in the same room without actually smoking or in this case, reading. Maybe in a decade I’ll come around and read them when I haven’t heard about it one bit.

But with Harry Potter aside, we all have those books that everyone in the world has read and talks about all the time and we’re really meaning to read them. There are a ton of books though and we can possibly be expected to read them all or have to feel the need to defend ourselves because we haven’t. I personally like it when someone just hands me a book and says “read this, I think you’ll enjoy it” rather than somebody trying to “sell” it to me by pretty much giving me the cliff notes in audio form.

When I finish any novel, I feel like I’ve grown a little bit more as a person. Now I’ve got another point of view to look from, my imagination has grown and many aspects in life no matter how small or unnoticeable they could be are changed. I think reading helps you learn to let things go in life and pick up new things…… Wonder what’s going to happen after I finish the next book.


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