This Is The Remix Edition…..

(you’re singing it aren’t you)

Do you ever look up remixes of songs you already like? Maybe you don’t like the original version but that guest artist adds something special or a DJ does a mix and you start feelin’ it. But in the end it’s the same song with a twist, a different approach with something familiar. Covers can have the same effect as well.

To be able to have something I already enjoy and am familiar with be torn apart and re-assimilated to sound like some type of subconscious state of the original. Essentially we are getting a new song with enough familiarity to make you feel at home with the song, to feel like you’ve already heard it without hearing it. We hear some new things while at the same time being able to sing along with it.

I’ve got a playlist on my iTunes that is solely just covers. Ranging from Killswitch Engage’s ‘Holy Diver’ to The Fray’s ‘Heartless’ to Dynamite Hack’s ‘Boyz-N-The Hood’ (that’s some old school right there) & Jonathan Coulton’s acoustic-folk cover of ‘Baby Got Back’…..

I’m gonna give you some poo-poo, I’m gonna give you some pee-pee, I’m gonna give you some doo-doo, Wash it down with some wee-wee.
This is the remix edition of the song about pissing. I got that peeing, leaking, reeking, and there’s juice in the kitchen……..

I just had too, damn you Dave Chappelle


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