What Does Your Horoscope Read Today?

I don’t know. It’s not a matter of me caring or not, it’s just something I rarely look into. We all know people who do read these frequently and whether they base their days around this is their own accord. I personally don’t but I take them into effect since I do believe in them. You have to admit how freakishly accurate these can be. How your Zodiac sign describes your traits and can even be filtered all the way down to your date of birth amazes me. Research enough into this and you can find many signs in all cultures that tell us about a person. You can “know” a person before even knowing the person. But that’s kinda sad if this is the basis used in actually getting to know a person.

I own a few books on this subject and people still talk about that one particular St. Patrick’s Day Night in my room involving reading these aloud…. Those pictures are ridiculous to this day still. They’re interesting perceptions on us as individuals and it’s fun to read if only from an amusing point of view.

But what if you let these affect your judgement or your decision? Is this a scapegoat for doing what you do or did? If you had never read anything related to this, would you still make that decision? Would you be the person you are today? Does it become a question of your morals or an excuse?

These are questions I’m currently asking myself around the subject of relationships. I’m frequently being asked if I’m dating so-and-so, am I going after so-and-so again, where did this girl come from. But something I’ve always believed in is wanting to be a good friend in hopes of it making me a better boyfriend or husband and to be financially secured before starting a family. That’s played into effect pretty heavily when wondering about going after a relationship with someone. Honestly, I’ve never had an official girlfriend. Just ones that I’ve been associated with or guys stay away from since she’s “my girl”. Question about my happiness may come in but I am happy and am very lucky to be where I am at right now.

What set off these questions is a combination of my current heavy attraction to this amazing girl and reading a blog ironically about horoscopes earlier today. The funny thing is these beliefs I have were all in my Zodiac when I read it one day and”WTF?!” was my reaction. I know part of it is just being a chicken shit and not asking her out. But do I change the person I am? Change is good, but not all change.

By Elric Posted in Life

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