Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things In Life

There are hundreds upon hundreds of these little miracles that pass us by day in and day out without recognition. Miracles that surround us like the sun piercing through the thickest of white clouds or the expression of a stranger after they see you doing something randomly amusing amongst friends. When enjoying the smaller things in life there is much more to be thankful for.

When your days are bleak, whether it be sitting in your cubicle at work or waiting for a loved one to return home, take a look at the small things around you. The cup of coffee you made in the morning or picked up from a local cafe, focus on the expression of your child’s face while they enjoy their ice cream cone instead of worrying if they’ll drop it, riding in the car with your friends reminiscing about what happened last night….. I undoubtedly believe that those tough times will become more easily bearable.

Look upon the ones you love or attracted to as they get ready in front of the mirror for the night’s events and their mood gets better and better with every song that plays……

Who knows what you may have already missed. We are always going to miss something but remember to occasionally take the time and just stop for a moment and put a smile to your face 🙂


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