You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Have you ever been misunderstood? Where maybe you are showing your true side but people, even your friends see straight through that and classify you as something that you are not? Have you ever just wanted to be yourself but you’re reputation, whether it’s who you believe you are or the result of a consistency you’ve built with a group of friends? Are their days where you want to be there for someone but you can’t because it would just be wierd, because they don’t know you in that way?

We all know at least one person that we can call upon that will lift our spirits when you need it and to let you feel like everything is going to be okay. Sometimes we need that special someone around. Are you that person to someone else? We get lost in this at times and we forget to be there for others but expect them to be there for us. How do you do “be there” for someone?

Do you use humor? Are you one of those gifted people who can walk into a room and tell a joke right off the bat and put a smile on everyone’s face? Maybe you’re just a “cry on my shoulder” type and you will be there to listen. Things like this come naturally and makes us who we are.

Trust is a big thing with me when it comes to friends and acquaintances. I’ll trust anyone until they give me a reason not to and then my trust will never be given back to that person. Being there for someone demands a trust. It is more important to me to have someone’s trust in keeping a secret than for me to get a laugh or snarls from friends because I went off and talked about it. I know I’ve made my mistakes in breaking someone’s trust and if I lose that person’s trust it is something I will have to live with but it’s never going to change my stance on it.

When a friend is depressed, the one thing we always want to do is solve the problem. Sometimes that is not what the other person wants. We just need to be a friend and not their shrink. What do you do when your friend has a broken heart? Do you already know what to say to make that person feel better or at least make them feel restored? Has your heart ever broken for someone elses? What do you do? What can you do?

You’ve got troubles, well I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and we see it through
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me

I don’t know about you, but when my friends are in trouble, I try my best to be there for them. Even if I can’t do anything but hug them or just listen to them. I know a lot of my friends are that same way. All I have to do is pick up the phone and call them and they’d be there for me. But sometime’s it’s not enough to just be there, you have to tell your friends that you’re there for them. Because sometimes, when we’re in trouble, we forget that there are friends whom we can call. So tell them that you’re not just a fair weather friend that you’d be there in whatever weather it is.

But what do you do if you aren’t terribly close friends. What if you haven’t known them all that long and you are still getting to know each other? What happens when their secrets start to come out? What do you do when you hear the things that they say and the emotion of it can never be erased from your memory? It can make you feel like it is your duty to do something. At the end of the day there may not be anything that you can do for them and even though you may not see any differences in their life come out of this, it doesn’t mean you should give up. We should always be there for each other, to be strong and know they need you, you need them.


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