Whatever Deceptions Life May Have In Store For You….

Music itself is not going to let you down….

As I was writing my last blog, I was sitting at my desk at work and listening to my iPod  on shuffle (this is the slow time of the year where we don’t have too much going on) and thought about how could anyone listen to just one genre of music with everything that is out there. On a sidenote, I also wondered if anyone else would still skip to or search for a song they wanted to hear right now even with the iPod set on shuffle……

My iPod went from Pink Floyd to Brad Paisley to Garbage to The Police to Atmosphere to Candlebox and I could recollect somewhat as to how I came across to listening to these bands. They were ranging from: Growing up and listening to what my parents listened to, songs on commercials, what my friends were listening to, MTV, going to various concerts, tv shows, living with a bunch of cowgirls…. Anywhere you go there is going to be that opportunity to hear a song that you either fall in love with or hate. Sometimes it may just have to be in the right situation for you to actually hear the words or feel the music.

Like I never listened to country because my dad didn’t listen to it (and he’ll most likely make the argument that “real” country is Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings & all those from back in the day) until 5 years ago when I moved in with my boss and her roommates whom were all cowgirls so I heard a lot of Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry & Keith Urban amongst others. My friends through middle school and early part of high school all listened to Godsmack, Metallica, Korn, Powerman 5000, & Rob Zombie to name a few…. Then I started hanging out with a few other people and got into rap/hip-hop listening to Jay-Z, Hot Boyz, Big Tymers, Outkast & Eminem to name a few. Joined a punk band with my coworkers back in ’04 and we all ended up moving in together. This is where I started listening to a lot of Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Pixies, Radiohead & Rise Against (I’ve heard all these guys before on the radio but I was never totally into the whole going to concerts, “who sings what?”, “what else do the sing?” deal until about this time. I really started opening up to various music genres and got really into underground hip-hop like Atmosphere, Doomtree, Aesop Rock & P.O.S…. In fact, there is only one band I can say that I don’t like or listen to and yet I still own one of their CDs. Dave Matthews Band and its the American Baby album, that’s it.

I started watching One Tree Hill this year and got through the first 4 seasons rather quickly as I was always anxious to see what happened next with these characters. Couldn’t believe how attached I became to these fictional individuals and this is the only show set up this way that has ever had that effect on me. But anyways, this show started getting me into a lot of small label artists and I’ve been buying their songs on iTunes or purchasing their CDs. The other thing this show has done though is make some of the classics or songs I’ve heard in the past mean much more. What I mean by that is the message of the song is either having  more of an effect on me because of having the added visual, like when you read a book and you picture that scene using the author’s words. Or it just reiterates why I like that song and/or artist. An example is this show made history by playing Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, the first time Led Zeppelin licensed a song of theirs for network tv. It was the last song played on the finale of Season 3 and I ended up listening to that song on my iPod like 4-5 times straight afterwards.

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