Did You Get Your Tickets?…..

I was recognized at Anytime Fitness as the Member of The Month for February. This was something that was started this year so that makes me the second person to get this recognition. Last month’s “winner” deserved it without a doubt because of how far and quickly he has gotten to reaching his goal is very inspirational to others. That’s what makes me grateful to have received this honor.  Especially after I came to find out that it wasn’t decided solely on what the employees see in their members but from what other members say about each other.

It was wierd there for a while because instead of the normal “Hello!” or “Good morning!” greetings, I started hearing my name at the end…. I have never introduced myself to any of the members before so I was like “Hey!…. I don’t know your name.” I came to find out that they were all talking with the trainers and asking questions about me. Then when my picture and story was posted on the bulletin by the Members Entrance door people started talking to me as if we’ve been friends forever. It’s pretty cool I guess and it doesn’t bug me one bit. Plus they don’t try to start a conversation with me when I have my headphones on, it’s just a simple nod.

But what is even more wierd though is I’m being approached by fellow members outside of the gym at either grocery stores, the movies, Barnes N’ Noble….. Most of them being people I don’t actually see since they go at different times than I or the ones I rarely see when I stay later or come in at an off time. I don’t know how anyone else would feel about this but it makes me very proud of where I’ve gotten so far in living healthier and being fit. It’s also just a nice confidence boost if anything.

By Elric Posted in Life

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