Initial Response

At work this morning, an interdepartmental envelope with the company roster on the front was being passed around the office with the intention of it being avoided by the person it’s intended for. This has happens on various occasions in the past and when it got around to me and then handed it off to the next person I noticed something. The initial response to seeing this is typically “oh no.”

So the initial response to seeing this envelope is in fear and heartache that somebody had lost someone close by. The envelope gets passed around in times when co-workers are getting married, having a baby or they are moving on to another company. But the response of being excited for someone isn’t something I’ve noticed or could recall ever hearing when this is being passed around.

Is this because once something bad comes out of something that is a custom, do we fear the worst so we feel better if it is something good? Writing that last sentence I started imagining what it would be like to open something up knowing it’s always something welcomed and then reading it and your heart drops….. Do we have these initial responses to lessen the fall? Or is it to possibly heighten the situation and the joy it could bring?

The passing around of the envelope today was to congratulate an employee and his wife on the expectancy of their first child in March. We also are given the opportunity to pitch in any given amount of money to get whomever it may be a gift and gift card from the company to commemorate the event.


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