Feels Like Home

Late the other night or early morning, however you want to look at it, I was driving home from CB&Potts with my roommate and there was a thick fog pretty much the entire ride home on the Wilson/Taft Hill Rd stretch. It’s a pretty sight to see nothing but the shine of your headlights on the cloud and then suddenly the headlights of an oncoming vehicle peek through the fog….. This is probably also the first time I’ve seen my roommate wear a seatbelt.

What I was thinking about though was the feeling I get when going home. This is one thing I always look forward to when taking road trips and going on vacations. After escaping from the standard everyday life of working and doing those daily tasks that you become so accustomed to and just getting away and seeing and doing things that bring excitement and joy to you more than the locals who are accustom to that. Isn’t that just something else? What is a getaway/new experience for one person could be a redundant, normal everyday thing for someone else! Babbled on for a little bit there but getting back to the point….

The warmth it brings of coming back home to familiar surroundings is something I really enjoy. Personally, I like the feeling of the drive home and seeing those beautiful Rocky Mountains on the horizon. Coming back and seeing the people you love, the feeling of laying in your own bed is heightened and the air you breathe. The normal everyday standard tasks just seem to be a little more special, even if it’s just for that first time back. But that warmth doesn’t just come from returning home from vacation or short getaways, sometimes it might not even be noticeable. Coming home from a rough day at work, a long night out on the town or just coming back from the movies. Sometimes even the route you take can be different due to weather, traffic, a phone call or a text message that changes that ride home. Maybe even home isn’t where you live and home is actually what you feel when you’re with the person you love. Whatever the case may be, coming home brings a smile to my face.

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