New York Gets Jacked

January brings me a lot of excitement, happiness and anticipation. Not only do I get to celebrate my birthday, in the same week I get to celebrate the birth of two of the best girls anybody could ever want to know and whom I love very much! But what January also brings is the start of a new season of ‘24‘ and the anticipation to see how Jack Bauer (or how I like to say on occasion, “the actor formally known as Kiefer Sutherland”) is yet again going to save the day.

I didn’t start watching this show until the 2nd season was about to start… Spent the week leading up to it watching and I liked what I was watching…. How the 1st season ends is when I got hooked and each season keeps improving and I was more drawn into the characters. It isn’t very often you come across a show that will affect you sooo much where seeing the actors in films or shows outside of this one makes you either love the character instantly or get as bad as wanting the worse thing possible to happen to them.

A 2-Night 4-Hour Season Premiere begins on FOX tonight at 8PM MT. How bad am I during the 24 season? If I miss an episode to unforseen events I can not watch anymore of the season until it comes out on DVD. This has changed though, because of last season when it became available to watch on the official website within a couple days of the original broadcast. Plus, the season now comes out on DVD a few weeks after the season finale instead of a few weeks before the next season started. When ‘24‘ is showing, it is also the same time where I will actually not text/talk on the phone, chat online or get off the couch. I just can not miss a second of this show!


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