100 Days of a Healthy America

At least that’s a good start for people looking to leading a healthier lifestyle. I believe, the end goal to this is getting people started and continuing on with this new lifestyle after the challenge has ended because of how good they now feel in everyday life. On the other side, it gives people living a healthy lifestyle something different to spice things up in their daily routine. Challenges are always a good thing and rewarding in some form.

Today was the start of a nationwide 100 Day Fitness Challenge (LiveHealthyAmerica.com) where friends, family, coworkers can compete against each other or fellow members in teams. Having teams is a great part of this challenge since you get to recieve that extra push from your teammates to perform better. Instead of being in an individual challenge where you may ease off or back out totally because one person, or maybe 2 or 3 people, is running away with it. The competition is broken down into two categories: weight loss % & activity time.

My participation in this is being a member in 1 of 3 teams that were created within my company and we are playing against other divisions of Wood Group. For the first day I recorded 4 hrs of activity


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