The Great Gatsby Sucks!

That’s a statement that doesn’t say very much and could set some fans of the novel off or even be praised by others who did not enjoy the story…. Such as I did when we had to read this in high school english. I just could not read this story, and afterwards we had to watch the movie which I couldn’t watch either…. This is considered a piece of great american literature.  But how old, how knowledgable do you have to be to truly understand or respect this novel. Or any piece of literature.

I’ve never given this book another chance and after reading and then watching the movie “A Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (which is another novel by the same author: F. Scott Fitzgerald)…. I recalled ‘The Great Gatsby’ and how much I dreaded having to read that, which I never finished and I didn’t even attempt to look into cliff notes to get a decent grade on the quizzes/tests given. Then during a session in the first book club I’ve ever participated in, the question “If you had the chance to burn any book what would it be?” came up. (We  just finished reading Fahrenheit 451). I said The Great Gatsby, as did another and we both had the same reasoning…. it sucked.

Thinking about why exactly I thought it sucked though didn’t make sense to me, but it did at the time. My reasoning had nothing to do with what the author was trying to bring across to the readers.  I didn’t ever really care about reading back then and the girl sitting next to me is gorgeous. I don’t even know what the book is about. Now that I’m really into reading different genres and having a respect for each one, whether I enjoyed the novel or not, I am actually going to give this book the proper opportunity it deserves…… after I read a few other novels I am looking forward to finishing.


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