26 Years Ago Today

Turned 26 today at the beginning of a new decade.  So that’s pretty cool.

Thanks to everybody that’s been there for me throughout all these years. I know I’ve lost touch with some of my friends which, sad as it may be, is going to happen with these being the years where we find where we want to be and where are careers are taking us individually. On the plus side of that, I have run into old friends either at festivals, around town or grocery shopping and it has been nice to catch up a little bit right then and there or even at times we’ve gotten together past that to reminisce.

I’m excited to see what is in store this upcoming decade, year, month, week…. the rest of the day.

“It’s not the destination that makes the person, it’s the journey” , and I’m glad I can have all of you there as a part of mine.


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