Reservoir Dogs

I’m constantly thinking about movies, just as much as us men think about sex, and this morning a conversation I had with a few of my friends (movie enthusiasts in their own rights but not as much as I am) about the film ‘Reservoir Dogs‘ and how you watched the movie (in this case being the volume setting). This movie I consider to be Quentin Tarantino’s best dialogue written film and it is his first writer/director effort. It’s also a toss up between this film and ‘Pulp Fiction

I remember watching this as a kid, but like with most of the movies I watched back then my thought process was more along the lines of reacting to people getting shot, cars and buildings being blown up and/or the very attractive women on the screen and not the storyline, references/metaphors to real-life, character developments and the small things in the movie that totally change the aspect of the film. But, one night when watching this movie down in Boulder, when I was smoking pot, I had the volume turned up pretty loud towards the end of the movie and I heard something I’ve never heard before….

SPOILER (if you’ve never seen the movie, don’t read this part. Enjoy the experience for yourself! It’s worth it!) When Mr. Pink (played by Steve Buscemi) runs out of the warehouse you can hear a bunch of yelling back and forth and a shootout as Mr. Orange, the undercover cop (played by Tim Roth), has had his men waiting outside the entire time….. I’m not gonna say the ending as you should be able to interpret that from what was just said and am wanting to avoid anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, or under this circumstance, to see for themselves. END OF SPOILER

So one of my friends had seen this film a hundred times before as I had and once I told him about this (years after I expeirenced it since we were not friends then)… the movie had a totally different feel to it. It changed the movie because of one little thing that you wouldn’t really ever notice. I always have this argument with people about the film. Then maybe two weeks ago, two of my friends hadn’t seen Reservoir Dogs yet and we decided to have a QT Night (Quentin Tarantino Night). They have heard how it ended and was under that impression but I told them we’re going to watch it with the volume high, never told them why, and I wanted them to tell me what they thought at the finale… Both loved the movie and even more so because of the “new” ending.

What I started thinking about this morning though was how many other movies out there have something like that where the interpretation or effect of the movie has now changed. Like when the first director’s cut of ‘Blade Runner’ came out and made everybody think. What in our own personal lives could of been taken in a totally different way if you heard one more word or sound…..


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