2010 is going to be LEGENDARY!

So I’m excited for this entire year to unfold with the activities I have planned with various people in my life and most of all the wedding of two of the best friends a man could ask for…. and sometimes it feels like maybe even more than I deserve.

I wouldn’t want to be superstitious or setting my hopes up to high because maybe it just ends up in utter failure and put me in a foul mood. But when it does work out to the way that was envisioned, or even better…. it makes it just much more rewarding, grateful and worth it. I’ve noticed (and maybe it doesn’t go back too much further or is very accurate but is it really that big of a deal?) that even years has been a very good year for me. For starters, I was born in 1984…. pretty awesome 😛

Also, the last few years, however the new years eve went pretty much summed up that preceding year. NYE 2005 was the first time I hungout with the majority of the people in my life now, including the two friends who are getting married this year. That following year I met the best group of girls (Darcey, Bri, Stephanie, Jessi, Sarah, Sara, Theresa, Jenny) whom I am so grateful to call friends. During the summer I moved into the “Batcave” with 4 of my friends (Garrett, Kendall, Schwade & my brother Elwyn). Went on my first field service trip for Wood Group (the company I’m currently with and have been for 4.5 yrs) to Cobb, CA (Bottle Rock Power Plant) and had a hectic, fun expierence… Even almost missed Christmas because of the blizzard here in Colorado that was affecting all travel.

I could write a novel about the past 4 years (and that isn’t a joke) but I’m just going to “quickly” go through some of the events.

NYE 2006. The Infamous Batcave Celebration….. That following year (2007) was not all to memorable. Did make a few new friends whom I still have today.

NYE2008, had dinner with a couple friends at Biaggis and went to bed around 10am….. 2009 was pretty lame and stressful and had to see some friends relationships come to an end. People growing up and moving on with their lives (which isn’t bad, but it does make you miss the old days). Also I started working out and continued that the entire year dropping 50lbs while putting on muscle. But still a forgettable year…. until NYE 2009.

We all went to The Tavern in downtown Denver, and by we I mean we had everybody who had ever lived at the Batcave and most of the friends from those unforgettable years. It was just amazing to see everybody smiling, enjoying their time and acting like a day hasn’t gone by when we haven’t seen each other.

Plans for this year, so far, include a week long bachelor party for Garrett which leads up to the biggest event of the year…. AMBER & GARRETT’S WEDDING! A trip out to Vegas with a Masquerade Ball in mind (plus most likely numerous visits back just for fun), going to Film Festivals around the United States and hopefully even working some of them. But the best part is going to see how everything unfolds and what could possibly happen over the course of 2010!


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