Sherlock Holmes

This is a little late review since I saw the movie on December 26 with my friend, Stephanie…. I also copied this from my original posting on my flixster page via facebook with a few minor additions/changes.

I really enjoyed the movie and they were very faithful to the Holmes character that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created. The movie starts off showing how Holmes uses his intelligence to get him through any circumstance…. and luckily they stopped it after doing a 2nd time later on in the film otherwise it would have been cheesy. Robert Downey Jr (‘Iron Man‘) plays Sherlock Holmes brillantly and Jude Law (‘Cold Mountain’) does a great job as his trusted partner Dr. Watson. Mark Strong, whom was in Guy Ritchie’s last film (a comeback of sorts) ‘RockNRolla‘, had another good performance this time playing the villain Lord Blackwood.

A great film that any fan of Guy Ritchie’s tough guy films, ‘Snatch‘ & ‘Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels‘, and fans of the books would enjoy in my opinion. A drawback I thought though was the two female characters, played by Rachel McAdams & Kelly Reilly, were not written/handled very well, but it doesn’t take anything from the film too much. This movie may also be riding on Robert Downey Jr’s recent mainstream comeback following the success of ‘Iron Man‘. But his performance in every movie in his long career has been excellent….

On a sidenote, my favorite movie Robert Downey Jr has done was ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’ which also has one of my favorite performances by another actor, Val Kilmer (‘Tombstone‘, being the frontrunner). It was written by Shane Black who gave us the first two Lethal Weapon movies.


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